Ripe Plums in Spring and other stories

von Isabel Wyatt |

Four stories have been selected from the classic Waldorf collection for early readers, Hay for my Ox. Edited and - with a light touch! - modernized for learners of English, they are suitable for use in Classes 4 or 5 of Waldorf Schools.

EAN 9783944911076

Hersteller: Pädagogische Forschungsstelle beim Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen e. V.

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The language is easy to understand, though a little more difficult than the well-known reader, The Pancake, and the stories will be enjoyed for their humour and many surprises. Frequent (but never boring!) repetition gives young learners the practice they need on their way to becoming confident readers.- The story is richly illustrated with new watercolour paintings by Christiane Lesch - pictures which themselves offer many opportunities for conversation work in class. -The Work Section comprises an extensive Page by Page vocabulary and over ninety exercises, offering practice with question words, tense-changing, forming questions, describing pictures and various forms of vocabulary-work. There is material for varied ability levels, from weak pupils to faster learners. - A List of English Irregular Verbs rounds off this new reader.

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