The Art of Colour and the Human Form

Seven Motif Sketches of Rudolf Steiner. Studies by Gerard Wagner.

In this book, Gerard Wagner makes evident a wholly new approach to the human form in art based on Rudolf Steiner" s indications. It is hoped that this publication will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of this new direction in art.

Peter Stebbing (Ed.)

Verlag des Ita Wegman Instituts



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While Conversations about Painting with Rudolf Steiner (2008) directed attention primarily to the nine ‘Nature Mood’ sketches of Rudolf Steiner, this volume sets forth the seven subsequent motif sketches concerned with the ‘Spirit Form of the Human Being’, along with numerous studies of Gerard Wagner, painted over a span of thirty years. The intention has been to enter into an artistic approach to these unique motifs and to indicate their potential ‘colour buildup’.

Eirscheinungsdatum: 2017
Seiten: 218 pages, 163 Ill.
Einbandart: cloth spine
ISBN 978-3-905919-94-3
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