The Course on the Lord’s Prayer Vol. III

The Course on the Lord" s Prayer of Valentin Tomberg came about in the Netherlands during the Second World War. It can be seen from the life-work of Tomberg that the content of the Bible as a whole - the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Revelation of St. John - provides the foundation for his spiritual work and research.

Valentin Tomberg

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The Course on the Lord’s Prayer was formed in such a way, that the address and the Petitions of this prayer communicated by Christ were studied and meditated in weekly rhythms. In this process, the Petitions determined in each case the course of the exercise, while the corresponding days of the week were used for ongoing deepening in study and meditation.

The Course begins with an overview of the entire content. This overview included at the same time daily work involving a first reading through the whole Prayer. The pupil takes his orientation every time anew from this overview, when a further week’s work is about to begin. It is also referred to as ‘preparatory work’.

Tomberg Books ACHAMOTH, 2016
178 pages, Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-923302-49-9

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