Medical Massage Therapy

Creating Balance between Life and Consciousness

von Bentinck, Volkier |

This present publication conveys the fruits of a lifelong work with massage therapy as a curative strength. Volkier Bentinck (1912 – 2007) practised massage therapy and eurythmy therapy for almost 60 years.

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«On the initiative of Dr Ita Wegman I was initiated by her in the massage therapy in 1942. She conveyed this still unknown therapy to me and these lessons became my life impulse.»
The technique of massage therapy arises, so to speak, by itself, if one gets things straight concerning its ways, intentions and spiritual backgrounds. That is what this publication conveys.
Its methodology consists of activating respectively regenerating the patient’s life forces through the influence on processes of life and consciousness.
«While the subconscious processes of the metabolic- or lower pole have an inherent up-building and stimulating effect on the organism, the processes of the neuro-sensory system or upper pole that awaken consciousness, on the other hand, always have a reducing effect on the organism. Therefore also a massage therapy that is noticed by the patient has primarily a consciousness forming and thus reducing effect on the organism. This is why the treatment becomes useless as soon as the patient falls asleep.»
The book is addressed to interested readers, medical practitioners and therapists.