Stone Fox - Arbeitsbuch mit Übungen

Stone Fox - Arbeitsbuch mit Übungen

English Workbook

von Morris Peter |

Das Arbeitsbuch mit Übungen ergänzt das Leseheft Stone Fox

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Hersteller: Pädagogische Forschungsstelle beim Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen e. V.

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The exercises in this workbook are keyed to the reader, “STONE FOX”, which is available separately. In this new workbook accompanying the reader, STONE FOX, the exercises are divided into two sections.

The first of these you may well recognise if you know any of the English readers in the series Materials for Language Teaching .... These exercises are text-centred and called Understanding, Speaking and Writing.

In the second section, Grammar Skills, I have provided exercises to cover the basic grammar normally worked on at this level. These too are keyed as far as possible to the text of the reader. Obviously this division is in large part arbitrary, as the presence of exercises on tense-changing in Part 1 makes clear. What could we understand, speak or write without grammar?

Still, it would be fair to see a difference of emphasis in the two sections, and I hope the separation may prove useful in classroom practice, giving teachers the chance to concentrate on different grammar topics as needed, partly independent of the main reader work, while still linked to it. 

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