Fully Human

Being Fully Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

von Alexander Schwedeler |

The book “Fully Human. Being Fully Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” deals with some of the key challenges we are facing today: the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and the development of the human being. AI, its algorithms and prediction capacity increasingly permeate our lives.

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AI shows us where to drive and connect us worldwide with the help of chat applications with embedded machine translators. They are getting smarter at an increasing speed. What will happen if they are getting smarter than humans in most areas of our lives? What remains for us humans when AI machines will determine our lives to an even greater extent? AI is expected to develop to what experts call an intelligence explosion. If that happens we may not be able to control the machine anymore. Many scientists and business people warn us in view of such a scenario and have started efforts to stay in control of the machine.
The book then turns toward the human being and its threefold physiology, with a special focus on the role of the heart in the human organism. It reveals that the heart is more than just a pump. It is a sensing organ and provides the body with the nutrients it needs. It is a balancing organ, which, together with breathing, balances formative forces of cognition of the nerves and senses system with the digestion and energy directing activities of the metabolic limbs system.
The author asks the question: how we can become fully human? What is our full human potential? These questions lead to finding the power within the mind, which seems to be connected to the “I” as a non-local, non-physical entity. One of the many interesting theses in the book is that the “I” is the driving factor behind self-development and self-leadership. Self-leadership is possible and asks us to create harmony in our souls. It asks us to deal with our unresolved emotional issues. It asks us to transform them into higher-quality feelings. Such higher-quality feelings relate to the heart as an organ for listening, loving, conscience and judgment.
Alexander Schwedeler is a member of the Institute for Man and Organisation Development (IMO). He works with his partners and clients on their leadership- and organization-development questions. He does this worldwide, with a focus on Europe and Asia. In 2019 he was involved in starting IMO China. Before he joined IMO in 2014, he worked for more than 20 years in finance and banking in various operational and leadership positions. He started his career by working for Hewlett Packard, then Deutsche Bank, and since 1999 for Triodos Bank, Netherlands, first as fund manager, then as managing director. As fund manager, he managed a new private equity fund for investments into renewable energy and organic food. As managing director, he co-founded the German branch of Triodos Bank. During these years he served as employee, partner/owner, manager and leader, as managing director and as supervisory board member. This book is based on practical real-life work experiences. He currently serves as a member on several advisory and supervisory boards, among them Klinik Arlesheim (CH), Aarstiderne (DK), Kulturland eG (DE), Purpose Foundation and Venture Fund (DE), ELIANT (BE) and Triforminstitute (SE).

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